Application laboratory

Because they are a day to day source of health and well-being and because they are now part of our everyday lives, perfumed products must be of impeccable quality. To ensure this quality, Parfex tests and evaluates its fragrances under real conditions before offering them to its customers.

laboratoire d'application


Create, evaluate and test

The sensory analysis undertaken by our panel of experts, perfumers and evaluators measures the olfactory performance of the perfume in the different mediums found on the market

Our fully equipped application laboratory follows strict protocols and verifies the stability of odour and colour over time.

The expertise of our teams allows them to establish and maintain a technical partnership with clients in order to ensure each fragrance can be properly integrated into their own base mediums.

Cabines Parfex

Ongoing technological intelligence allows us to both continuously optimize existing mediums and develop new ones.

Our raw materials are also evaluated under the same conditions. The statistical results are collected and stored in our systems and so feed our data-base.

The purpose of the collaboration between our technical teams and our perfumers is to provide increasingly appropriate and sometimes technically complex solutions that meet consumer expectations.