Evaluation & Marketing

Perfume, as a vector of emotion, must kindle desire.
To awaken this desire, you need to know the person you are aiming for.

Our Evaluation and Marketing departments are responsible for an exciting mission: understanding the needs of our customers and their markets. They are guided by trends, lifestyles, cultures and benchmark products in international markets.

évaluation et marketing parfex


Inspired by life trends and culture changes

The Evaluation department is at the heart of R & D, managing projects, drawing on these influences and selecting the best olfactory pathways.
Our designers interpret them, before personalising and signing the compositions that will give their identity to the finished products.

The aim of the Marketing team is to surprise our clients both with creative and innovative concepts and the perfect matches we create between the perfume and its base medium.

All our expertise is made available to our customers to assist them in their product development process.