Our industry demands high quality perfumes accompanied by a high standard of service at the best price.

 We provide concrete responses to this requirement as expressed on every continent.

Parfex Barcelone

Our fair price policy is based on three levers: automation, rationalization, optimization. Our commercial policy focuses on the partnership we establish with our clients, developing a "win-win" relationship by offering them the highest quality of service. Offering the best to our customers is about being relevant, efficient and swift.



Parfex Francfort

Our proximity, via our network of sales offices, agents and distributors covering the 50 countries in which we operate, is a great asset. This expanding international network, managed on a day to day basis by our sales team, creates a link and promotes the exchange of information between our subsidiaries and our headquarters in Grasse.



Parfex Dubai

Understanding the markets and customer needs allows us to provide with appropriate fragrances that embody their products. The coordination between the sales teams, R & D and the marketing & evaluation department, which work hand in hand, optimizes the development process.



Parfex Jakarta

The IT, technological and robotic tools used in our facilities and the flexibility of our experienced teams guarantee the shortest response times that ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.