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Personal data protection policy (GDPR)

In order to protect the private lives of internet users, PARFEX SA (hereafter referred to as 'the Company’ or ‘us’), undertakes that any personal data is collected in compliance with the EU Regulation No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter the GDPR) and all the provisions of the applicable French regulations in this field. 


PARFEX SA, whose registered office is located at PA Bois de Grasse, 51 avenue Louison Bobet 06130 Grasse France and registered with the RCS of Grasse under number 333 974 657.

Data collection and purposes

PARFEX SA collects and processes your data exclusively for the legitimate purposes for which it was collected.Some types of data, identified by an asterisk, are mandatory. We collect the contact details, messages and documents that you choose to send us for the following purposes:

- managing your job applications to PARFEX SA via our recruitment form.

- managing your requests sent using our contact form.

In accordance with the Data Protection Regulation, PARFEX SA will send you the required information concerning each processing operation, in a clear and transparent manner every time we collect personal data.


Only authorised personnel within PARFEX SA and our subcontractor, which is responsible for the technical maintenance and development of our website, have access to your data.

In accordance with regulation, your data is only accessible to those with individual, restricted and supervised authorisations.  Your personal data shall never be sold, shared, communicated or sent to a third party who has not been identified in this personal data protection policy.

Data storage

Your data is stored for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. The storage time is set based on the processing purpose and the storage time provided for by the legislation in force. 


We protect your personal data by using physical and logical security measures.In addition, we ensure that our subcontractors comply with the personal data protection regulations.

Your rights

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, limit, rectify and delete your data and have a right to data portability. You also have a right to object to your personal data being processed.

If you wish to assert your right to protect your personal data, please send a request by e-mail to

If you wish to make a claim to the French supervisory authority, you can contact the CNIL (

Updates to the data protection policy

This personal data protection policy may be modified or adjusted at any time. In the event of substantial changes, PARFEX SA will inform you of the new updated policy.


Charter on the use of cookies

PARFEX SA wishes to provide you with clear and transparent information about the use of cookies when you visit the website and to remind you of your rights. 

We use cookies to provide the services and features offered on our site and to improve the experience of our users. By clicking on ‘I accept’, you accept the use of cookies. You can always disable them later. If you delete or disable our cookies, you may experience interruptions or problems browsing the site.

What are cookies ?

A Cookie is an electronic file stored on a device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and for example is read when consulting a website, reading an e-mail, installing or using a software or a mobile application, regardless of the type of device used. (source : )

The website, website uses the cookies to facilitate your browsing experience or to compile visit statistics. Without them, websites could not function properly.

What types of cookies does our website generally use?

1. Cookies that are strictly necessary to provide online communication services on the site. 

‘Cookies that are strictly necessary’ are the essential cookies which enable you to browse internet sites and use their features, such as accessing secure pages. Without them, recording services and connections would not be possible.  These cookies do not collect any information about you, which may be used for marketing purposes or in order to record the internet sites which you have visited. 

2. Performance cookies, for visitor measurement

‘Performance cookies’ collect information on how you use an internet site. They notably make it possible to identify the pages you visit the most frequently and the error messages which are displayed. They do not collect any data which would make it possible to identify you.   All the data is anonymous. They are only used to improve the way the site functions. 

How to delete data cookies

If you are not satisfied with how cookies are used on the site, you can delete them easily by going to the cookies folder in your browser.  You can also set your browser to block cookies or send a warning message before a cookie is installed on your computer.

When disabling cookies, however, please note that some graphic elements may not be displayed correctly or that you may not be able to use some applications.

For more information on using, managing and deleting ‘cookies’ for any type of browser, please view the following link


Last revision : 3 May 2019