Balancing speed and reliability is a big challenge. Remaining flexible and responsive in an automated environment is a challenge.

Our strategy for achieving this: consistent and targeted investment in three key areas:

Unités de production thermo-régulées

The production tool

Consistent, efficient, organized around three automatic Roxane type weighing robots, optimized by means of a common supervision system



Equipped and arranged for an efficient flow of goods including 2 thermo-regulated production units, small and large volumes, using the same manufacturing processes and the same batches of raw materials



ERP management of the supply-chain, manufacturing and shipping functions with full traceability.

Unités de production termo-régulées

Powerful planning tools make us highly responsive and always under the control of our systems, as well as giving us manufacturing lead times of only a few days. The use of Flashcode technology to oversee all weighings ensures the highest level of reliability and reproducibility of our compounds.

This level of performance, driven by a continuous improvement process, gives us an annual production capacity of 20,000 batches manufactured at an automated rate of 90%.

Our teams therefore work in an advantageous environment, where people and machines complement, control and supervise each other.