Quality & Regulatory requirements

Respect for People and Nature: our approach to quality. Pragmatic, it underpins our commitment to an ethical and responsible approach:

  • Protecting the health of people in contact with our fragrances, from the point of manufacture to the point of use.

  • Reducing our environmental impact by complying with current standards and supporting waste and packaging recycling.

High objectives for our Quality Policy, Straightforward Rules

Qualité & affaires réglementaires


  • Strict selection protocol and strict control of raw materials
  • Partnerships with reputable suppliers
  • Direct technical data updates




  • Regulatory oversight, active participation as a member of PRODAROM, COTARP, UIC
  • Mastery and compliance with international standards: IFRA, Cosmetics Regulation, REACH and specific regulations of the countries where we export.
  • IT support to perfumers in ensuring their formulations meet regulatory requirements
  • Optimal Storage of raw materials
Qualité & affaires réglementaires


  • Flash code weighing control
  • Olfactory and analytical control of production
  • Complete computerized traceability
  • Regulatory assistance for clients


The reliability of these operations, the expertise of our tools and the commitment of our teams ensure the accuracy and quality of the services provided to our clients. Regular internal and external audits push and motivate us in our quest for excellence.